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Seven Days in Usha Village

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Usha Village Healing Center in La Ceiba, Honduras
























Dr. Michael Harrington shares his photos and visit with Dr. Sebi, Usha Village,

and Honduras at


Dr. Sebi talks about the healing properties of Usha Village's water.

Personal Testimonies at Usha Village


Usha Village Healing Center in Honduras welcomes everyone in search of healing.  And if you're searching for a place to simply relax and retreat in a tropical setting, a rural tropical setting, you're welcome too.


Nestled in her rainforest, flowing freely through the village, is Usha's hot spring.  There's healing power in this natural thermal water.  The pH value ranges from 8.0 to 9.6, highly alkaline.


Visit Usha at a suitable time.  Honduras has a tropical rainy season (approximately late October to February).  Temperatures are warm, so dress as you would in the Caribbean (lightweight cotton clothing, sandals).  Travel with a friend or two.



The island of Roatan is a 30-minute boat ride away.  Experience some of the best scuba diving around in Roatan's waters.







That's the Usha Village experience for now.